Caesar Creek Software’s team of over 60 software engineers are experts in Information Operations (IO), reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, exploit development, intrusion and tamper detection, red team analysis, network security, software survivability, penetration testing, and operating system fortification with custom feature integration. We also do software development for all levels of programming, including device driver development, and embedded systems programming. From our many years of experience, we have developed an extensive library of generic, reusable software, as well as programming tools to assist in our reverse engineering efforts. This expertise, along with our existing software tools, helps us to complete our work efficiently and cost effectively.


Caesar Creek Software engineers are experts in the C, C++, C#, Python, Perl, Java, and assembly (Intel, ARM, MIPS, and others) programming languages.


Caesar Creek Software engineers have spent many years studying Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and other embedded operating system internals. We have performed significant vulnerability analysis for these platforms and developed an array of exploits.


Reverse Engineering is a core competency at Caesar Creek Software. All of our engineers are fluent in the best reverse engineering tools on the market, including IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, and Ghidra to name a few. We’ve also developed an extensive set of reverse engineering tools to analyze OS internals, such as task lists, threads, and page mapping, in order to provide non-traditional debugging capabilities. When required, we don’t hesitate to utilize emulation environments such as QEMU, or our suite of Arium hardware in-circuit emulators. We also have our own soldering lab stocked with PROM programmers, readers, and adapters.


We are proficient in designing, developing, and deploying network-based systems incorporating LAN, WAN, and wireless technologies using Cisco, HP, Aruba, Ubiquiti, and Linux-based equipment. We have an in-depth knowledge of firewalls, penetration testing, network security analysis, network intrusion detection, and custom VPN system design and deployment. We are well-versed in networking protocols, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and SSL.


Caesar Creek Software employs a cadre of degreed software engineers well-versed in the latest technologies. Don’t have the budget or need it done fast? We can do quick reaction projects too. We are diligent about software configuration management, continuous integration, quality assurance, and technical support. We understand that our customers retain full rights to all software we develop on their behalf, and gladly deliver full source code, third-party libraries, and all files required to build the project, including instructions and support. We operate with the highest ethical standards in all our work and we have a 100% customer satisfaction record. Try us! You’ll be glad you did!