When you are reverse engineering a satellite internet system and the product is (rightfully) hermetically sealed to prevent moisture and other entry, you have to be creative about how you open it without damaging the circuitry inside. One sacrificial lamb to start the process and then we are off and running! Long sides of the… » Read More

New Building

March 11th, 2024 by Fenny Setiadinata

We are growing and expanding! This new building will be an awesome addition to our 2 other locations in Springboro and our satellite locations in Atlanta (GA), Fredericksburg (VA), and Woburn (MA). Read more about the development on this Dayton Daily News article.

Ice Cream Social

June 27th, 2023 by Fenny Setiadinata

We had a great time at our Ice Cream Social last Friday. What an awesome way to welcome the first week of summer!

CC-SW is thrilled to have 4 new full-time Engineers and 1 intern joining us today. Welcome to Caesar Creek Software!

Congratulations to Eddie, Will, Bert, Keeton, and Luke as they are celebrating their work anniversaries this week. Thank you for being an essential part of CC-SW’s success!