As the Dayton Daily News noted in an article from November, we are in the process of constructing our new facility.  The new facility will allow us to grow and employ more than double our current number of employees. We are happy to continue to be a part of the Springboro community. Below are some construction… » Read More»Read more

Every year Caesar Creek Software conducts a company-wide outing during the workday to get out and have a little fun.  For three out of the past four years the outing involves getting all employees out go-karting.  For some it is time away from the office to have a little fun and talk to their co-workers.  For… » Read More»Read more

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For this challenge, download the attached binary. First, figure out how to turn it into something you can analyze with a tool like IDA or a debugger. Next you need to figure out how to make the binary do something interesting. After that, you will need to set up the correct conditions to make the… » Read More»Read more

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Debuggers are usually helpful in dynamic analysis of software—that is, unless the software in question is malware. Your unfriendly neighborhood Trojan or worm hates debuggers. On the Windows platform, there exists a selection of debuggers with various levels of “anti-anti-debugger” capabilities. In the Linux/Unix world, where malware is becoming more common, we have little more… » Read More»Read more

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Hello and welcome to our new website! A big part of our web presence is to open a dialog with those who may be interested in working at Caesar Creek Software. We hope to give prospective candidates an idea of what our environment is like, as well as to provide a glimpse at the type of work we do and the skillset that is required to be successful here. To that end, we plan on posting periodic challenges to our website Blog…»Read more

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