We enjoyed a delicious Bibimbop lunch last Friday cooked by Valerie. Thanks so much, Valerie!

We are excited to welcome 8 new team members: Parker Jones – Full-time Software Engineer Valerie Smith – ISSM Daniel Liu – Intern David Sun – Intern (University of Michigan) Alison Zhong – Intern (Ohio State University) Jackson Donaldson – Intern (University of Michigan) Joshua VonSeggern – Intern (Ohio State University) Gary Huang – Intern… » Read More

CC-SW is a proud sponsor of Graduate Students Women in Engineering at Ohio State University. Fenny and Will had a great time getting to know GradSWE members and officers at the Spring 2023 GradSWE Networking Dinner and Career Fair.

We enjoy getting out to colleges and talking with the students and professors there. Brandon Miller (@zznop_) got an opportunity to talk about SEGA Genesis ROM Hacking with the Computer Security Club at Rose Hulman. Thank to Omar Roth for the invitation!